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Types Of Indoor Commercial Lights

One can safely agree that life without choices seems monotonous and unfair. Decoration of interiors can never be accomplished with only a specified set of tools at hand; one needs to have the agency to explore and experiment. The indoor commercial light varieties provided by Jaquar seems to cover the areas of diverse interests since we offer the various shades that might dominate the highs and lows of style quotients. Here is a detailed description of the various types of Indoor commercial lights that have been manufactured by our company to celebrate the various shades of artistic options.

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    Indoor downlights

    As you move ahead with your everyday life, it is essential for you to manage your time and economy well. Electrical appliances consume a major part of your overall power expenditure. Indoor LED panels and indoor COB lights have found their audience in informed consumers. They consume almost one-fourth of the traditional electrical appliances and help in saving upto 30% on the total bill. With Jaquar's quality lighting, brightness and essential features to dim, according to your distinct requirements and moods, you can now flaunt your style without burning a hole in your pocket.

  • 02

    Indoor COB downlights

    The advancement of technology has led to the creation of various options, which have been intricately curated according to the varying interests and trends of the style market these days. Jaquar's lighting collection for all its customers includes Indoor LED Panel and batten tubes hanging lights, trius light, lattice Light, to name some top-notch products. These lights have designer bodies, with energy-efficient and durable structures to credit their superior quality. It is extremely important to explore the different varieties of Indoor COB downlights available in Jaquar stores near you.

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    Indoor LED Panel

    Jaquar's range of lighting collection flaunts a product for all kinds of demands and designs. We provide colorful options in various shapes and sizes to be able to fit in everyone's idea of utopia. These durable appliances come in aesthetic designs with energy-efficient mechanisms to cater environment good through their own ways. Quality lighting is an essential feature of a workplace, study room, workshop etc. which aims at converging the concentration span of the users.

  • 04

    Indoor LED Batten tubes

    A juxtaposition of all the desirable qualities in an appliance, the Indoor LED Batten Tubes to have the innate quality in them to liven up any interior space. Be it your living room, bedroom, office, workspace, conference room, these stylish and slim tubes are equipped with cutting edge technology to deliver only the best at reduced costs with high durability. The LED Batten tubes are efficient enough to blend in with any form of setting up, yet have it in them to stand out and lend their simplistic touch to the objects placed in their vicinity. Check out the stores near you to experience this bright world to light up yours.

What Is The Difference Between Downlights And COB Downlights?

There is a common misconception among people who confuse the two products, but there is so much to learn about them. The chip on board downlights are effective owing to their use of chrome reflectors which can be utilized to concentrate the coverage of beam. There is usually no frosting around the lens and the beam angles can be controlled. A downlight is usually fit in the ceiling and provides a narrow beam of light. It does not come up with flexible options to adjust the range of beams. With a diverse range of indoor lighting options available with Jaquar, you need not look for your lighting requirements anywhere. Just visit a Jaquar store near you and get the best lighting solutions for yourself.