Desirable Meets Durable

We believe in the power of great design.

The key to our philosophy is the synthesis of beautiful modern aesthetics with clever, ergonomic functionality and outstanding reliability.

Everything we create is geared towards meeting the needs of a sustainable, fast-paced, contemporary consumer lifestyle. It is an approach that has put us at the forefront of the luxury and premium bathroom industry, with 2.9 million bathrooms fitted worldwide every year.

jaquar great designs


We lead by example when it comes to the technology and manufacturing methods behind our products.

Using silica core technology, auto-polishing machines and an advanced chemical coating process, we take great care at each stage of production to ensure that everything we create is manufactured to world-class standards.

Our laboratory is fully equipped with pneumatic testing and endurance testing machines, which rigorously test out the product cycle for guaranteed reliability.


Our design studio comprises a team of world class designers, dedicated to creating fresh, innovative and sophisticated bathing experiences.

Together, they have created our unique product ranges – each with their own distinctive characteristics, but all sharing the same Jaquar hallmark of elegance, style and exclusivity.

As a truly global brand, our inspiration comes from a huge range of sources from all over the world. With the freedom to think big and explore what’s possible, our creative teams are shaping the future of bathroom design.

jaquar best designs

Recognised for design & innovation