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When we think of luxury bathroom fittings, Jaquar’s top-tier range comes to mind. As a global brand, Jaquar, elegantly combines aesthetic allure with unparalleled functionality, making it the prime choice in a discerning market.


  • 01


    Elevate your bathroom experience with a range of faucet by Jaquar. These cornerstone bathroom fitting products merge refreshing coolness with enveloping warmth, offering unmatched precision and sustainable water usage for every washbasin and bathtub in the city. Hygiene conscious people switch to Jaquar sensor faucets that seamlessly blend innovation and convenience, offering touch-free control for a hygienic and efficient water flow experience.

  • 02


    At the heart of any sophisticated bathroom, you’ll find Jaquar’s superior sanitaryware. From chic wall-hung designs to classic pedestal pieces, they aren’t just about function but about setting the perfect mood in your private space. Adding intelligence to the sanitaryware are automatic rimless water closets that offer unmatched convenience and hygiene.

  • 03


    Let the luxury of water embrace you daily. Known for offering some of the finest bathroom fittings, Jaquar showers elevate the experience to a transcendental level. With options of hand showers and overhead showers to choose from, one gets the experience of rain, mist and cascading showers.

  • 04


    Beyond the essentials lies the masterstroke of a bathroom. With Jaquar Flush Tank Systems, expect eco-friendly and modern designs that offer sleek looks to bath spaces and save water at the same time. They come with the benefit of anti-condensation and are easy to maintain.

  • 05


    A step into one of Jaquar’s shower enclosures is a step into personal luxury, effortlessly combining privacy with elegance, ensuring that bathrooms remain dry, hygienic and safe.

  • 06


    Submerge your worries in Jaquar’s therapeutic wellness experiences. More than wellness products, they’re personal oases- a wonderful way to relax and restore equilibrium.

  • 07


    Melding age-old wisdom with modern designs, Jaquar’s steam solutions infuse luxury into every pore, in the comfort of your home.

  • 08


    Not just panels, but the command centers of your bathing experience. Dictate, diversify, and delight with every shower while increasing the functionality of your existing shower area.

  • 09


    When the chill sets in, Jaquar’s reliable heaters promise unwavering warmth, showcasing their commitment to comfort.

  • 10


    With Jaquar’s range of accessories, every essential finds its elegant place, ensuring a well-organized space, giving your bath area a perfect finishing touch.


  • Finishes: Beyond aesthetics, Jaquar finishes bravely resist corrosion, promising long-lasting elegance.
  • Unmatched Warranty: Up to 10 years, showcasing our faith in our products.
  • Versatility: Jaquar's fittings adapt to varied tastes and spaces, ensuring every bathroom reflects its owner's distinct touch. This adaptability ensures no compromise on style, irrespective of size.
  • Longer life: Every product, after rigorous checks, promises unmatched durability and performance.
  • Wide Range: Jaquar offers a diverse product spectrum, catering to both homeowners and designers. With such extensive choices, every design vision finds its match.
  • Jaquar Care: Our customers are our compass. From product selection to post-purchase care, we’re with you.



  • What are bathroom fittings typically called?
    Referred to as fixtures or hardware, they are pivotal in defining the aesthetics and functionality of a bathroom.


  • How can one determine the quality of bathroom products?
    Brand reputation, warranty, user reviews, and certifications are good indicators. Also, the product’s durability and finish speak volumes.


  • Which brand for bathroom fittings in UAE stands out?
    Given the brand’s reputation, diverse range, aesthetic appeal, extended warranty, and stellar customer reviews, Jaquar undoubtedly remains UAE’s top choice.